Simplifying the insurance journey

Insurance Office of America (IOA), a full-service insurance agency headquartered in Florida, is one of the fastest-growing independent agencies in the USA. They saw an opportunity to launch the American insurance market’s first online price comparison, quote and buy platform. AV Browne provided the branding, web design, UX and front end development expertise to make it a reality.

The challenge

We were tasked with building a new online platform where a few customer details were all that was needed to compare a host of America’s best insurers, build competitive quotes and allow customers to buy online. The process had to be quick. The brand promise was to deliver the whole process – from quote to purchase – within three minutes.

SimplyIOA Logo

This revolutionary platform called for a new brand – SimplyIOA – to live within the IOA brand architecture. This new brand would be launched through a straight-talking, relatable creative campaign across digital and social channels.

The Approach

We began by setting out SimplyIOA’s stall with a new brand. It’s message? SimplyIOA makes the complex simple. We carried out brand positioning testing to ensure that we were conveying the right message, and that it resonated with the target demographics. Focus groups in Florida, Texas and California helped us hone our messages, logos and imagery.

The Execution

The Website | We tested the website with users from each of our target demographics, collecting information on how they navigated the site and folding this back into new iterations. The result was an intuitive, efficient journey. We embedded tracking software on the site to monitor and report on where users were coming from and how they used the site. This data will inform continuous improvements to the site throughout its life.

The Campaign | SimplyIOA’s new brand and online platform promises to deliver a simple, fast and intuitive experience for American insurance customers. A third of Americans claim they don’t have enough time in their day to get things done, and IOA believe that they’ve got better things to do than spending hours purchasing insurance. Our launch campaign celebrates the moments that SimplyIOA gives you back. Less time spent purchasing insurance means more time spent with family.


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